Omskvinprom demonstrates 21% manufacturing volume growth

Production output of Omskvinprom distillery which issues all production under Alcohol Siberian Group brands at year-end 2012 increases by 21% and equals to 7.6 mln dal. This is the highest index for the whole history of the distillery. 

At the end of 2012, the volumes of production manufactured by Omskvinprom distillery under the brands of Alcohol Siberian Group amounted to 7.6 million dal. At the end of the previous 2011 year the figure was 6.3 million dal. Thus, volumes of production in 2012 increased by 1.3 million dal or 21%.

 “This is the first time when the annual volume of production manufactured by our distillery exceeds 7.9 million dal. This is a milestone event for the company, - Natalia Nikitina, commercial director of Alcohol Siberian Group notes. - Throughout the year, the distillery was operating at a significant production capacity workload in order to meet high demand for Five Lakes vodka, which is being produced and will always be produced only here, and also to ensure growth of sales of premium vodka brands Husky and White Birch.

" Omskvinprom distillery is located in Siberia. It operates as from 1993 and issues all production under the brands of Alcohol Siberian Group, being one of the largest liquor-vodka enterprises in Russia. Distillery was and still remains the sole production site issuing Five Lakes vodka, being one of the most popular alcohol brands around the world.
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