Five Lakes vodka becomes the absolute leader of the Russian market

According to data of Retail Measurement Service made by ACNielsen research company in December 2012 – January 2013 vodka Five Lakes with its Russia’s market share amounting to 5,1% has ranked first among all vodka brands of the country. 

 Five Lakes vodka becomes the leader of Russia’s vodka market. Kommersant newspaper states it on March 21, 2013 referring to research company Nielsen. According to Nielsen data quoted in Kommersant, market share of Five Lakes equals to 5,1% as against 5,0% year ago. Such increase of the share turned out sufficient to propel Five Lakes vodka to the top position in Russia. 
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 “Making it into top of the market is an expected outcome of our years-long efforts to develop Five Lakes (“Пять Озер”) brand”, - comments Ms. Natalia Nikitina, Chief Commercial Officer of Alcohol Siberian Group Ltd. – “Last year we expended brand portfolio of Five Lakes, improved distribution system, and, eventually, succeeded in building up volumes of sales, market share, and becoming the absolute leader. Yet, as the Eastern wisdom goes: “After a victory, sharpen your sword”, we are not slowing down bearing in mind that year 2013 will be challenging and especially indicative of the industry. We are continuing our work, confident in our skills, determined to nail down success during the following year”. 

 Nielsen audit results confirm previously issued data of other research companies stating that Five Lakes is the most popular vodka brand in Russia. Namely, according to the latest GfK research, Russians buy Five Lakes vodka more often than other vodka brands.