Vodka No.1 in Russia switches to alcohol Alfa

Since April 2013 total volume of vodka Five Lakes Premium has been made from alcohol of grade Alfa. Alcohol Alfa is todays best standard of ethyl alcohol used in production of spirits. It exceeds standard alcohol Luxe by many physical and chemical features.

Alcohol Siberian Group Ltd., one of the major Russian manufacturers of vodka, launches use of alcohol Alfa in production.  

We have been preparing for switch to alcohol Alfa since last year , says Elena Chernikova, Chief Manufacturing Engineer of Omskvinprom Ltd. distillery. at the time an innovative standard of alcohol selection was developed for Five Lakes Premium vodka. From April, 2013 basing on the results of our tests and advanced technologies we have been using in production of Five Lakes Premium alcohol of grade Alfa which corresponds to GOST 51652-2000 and even significantly exceeds it by a number of parameters.

Only wheat or rye are used in production of high quality alcohol Alfa what distinguishes it from alcohol Luxe for production of which other, less valuable, sorts of cereals may be used. The highest requirements with regard to chemical composition and level of toxic substances are imposed on alcohol Alfa. Thus, acceptable level of methanol is seven times less than in alcohol Luxe!  
Five Lakes has become one of the top vodkas at the market made from alcohol Alfa. The highest standards of alcohol selection for Five Lakes Premium ensure extra purity of vodka flavor, its noble, piquant flavour and exquisite mildness of aftertaste.